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[+] Before work begins on your site, I will require a non-refundable design deposit. This is a retainer fee; it hires me as your web designer, and ensures I am setting aside time in my schedule to work with you.

[+] Final payment is due after the work on your site has finished and you are satisfied with your site, and before your new design is uploaded to your website's server.

[+] In order to build your website, you must supply me with sufficient information. For example: photos you would like on your website, written text you would like on your website, etc, are your responsibility. You must get the information to me so that I have something to work with in order to create your site.

[+] A link will be placed on the bottom of the main page of your site. This link will feature a small graphic of a glowing turtle (color-coordinated to your site) as well as stating "Website design by Painted Turtle Web Designs." It will link to this site. This link MUST remain in place for as long as you use the designs created by Painted Turtle.

[+] Any work on the site that is not covered in the web design package that you have chosen will incur an additional fee.

[+] Any changes made to the site after final payment is received will cost extra, according to my additional features and updates pricing.

[+] Not all designs and features will work with all websites. There are many factors to consider; the current design work done on your site, the hosting provider for your site, design and program limitations, etc. Because of these factors, it may be impossible to add a certain feature or aspect to your site, or it may compromise the functionality of your site. I will do my best to work around problems such as this, but unfortunately, not all problems can be solved, in which case I will be honest with you about what will and what will not work for your site.

[+] For clients who choose to register their domain names and host their domains through Painted Turtle, the yearly fees need to be provided up front, and then will need to be paid annually from the date the domain was set up. For example, if your domain name is registered and hosting is set up on February 2, 2007, your annual registration and hosting fee will be due again on February 2, 2008. We cannot keep websites up and running that have not been paid for by the client. Failure to pay the annual fees on time will result in the removal of your website, and may result in the permanent loss of your domain name ( We will send you reminders ahead of time to remind you before your domain expires.

[+] We reserve the right to, at any time, remove your website from our hosting server without refund if there is found to be inappropriate material in your account. Inappropriate material includes, but is not limited to; pornography, racist or "hate" material, animal abuse, illegal files, etc.

[+] We reserve the right to, at any time, remove your website from our hosting server without refund if there is found to be abuse of our server and/or services in any way.

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